Elatochori & Pierian Mountains

Elatohori is a mountain settlement in the prefecture of Pieria and is located at the eastern part of the Pieria Mountains. While just a 20-minute drive from the city of Katerini, it is guaranteed that as you ascent the mountain range, the unique wild beauty of its landscape will start fullfilling your awaited expectations.

The village consists of two settlements, the new and the old settlement, and enjoy a clear view of the historic "Mountain of the Gods", Mount Olympus. In the old Elatochori, the church of Agios Nikolaos is still preserved, a historic building dating back to the middle of the 17th century and a monument of particular historical value. The village square also preserves the Folklore Museum of Elatochori, which has been revived thanks to the remarkable effort of the village's women. Highlighting interesting aspects of the life of the older inhabitants of the village, it displays a rich variety of exhibits such as old agricultural and household tools.

Experiencing the view from the various summits of the Pierian Mountains is breathtaking with their highest peak rising up to 1,974 meters (Flambouro summit) above sea level. From the north-east you can revere the valley where the three large river deltas meet (Aksios, Aliakmonas, Gallikos) while from the south-west you can admire the beautiful view of Lake Polyfytos. As if all these weren’t enough, looking from the south you can just stand in awe as you witness Mount Olympus in all its glory.

The Pierian Mountains are known for their lush forests, endless paths and forest roads that challenge you to relentlessly explore as much wild natural beauty as you can endure. At an altitude of 1.450 meters, the nearby ski center is located just 6 kilometers from Semeli Resort hotel and 10 kilometers from the village of Elatochori, relatively close to some of the most spectacular peaks of the Pierian mountain range.

The rich variety of deciduous and coniferous tree vegetation, as well as the abundant streams and endless streams, add to the exploration experience an authentic note of natural beauty and a powerful dose of pure and oxygen-rich atmosphere. This is one of the most important reasons why the Pieria mountain range enjoys such a rich ecosystem of flora and fauna. From wolf herds and fox families, to flocks of deer and wild boars, the nature of the wider area is full of life and is one of the last and most precious shelters of forest flora and animal wildlife in the Balkan peninsula.

The variety of activities available vary depending on the season and your preferences. If you wish to appreciate the natural environment the wider area of Elatochori offer ideal paths for hiking, mountain biking and mountaineering. In the winter months the mountain range offers great opportunities for mountain-skiing and snowboarding. If you are interested in ancient Greek history, in just about half an hour drive you can choose among unique archaeological sites and World Heritage sites, such as ancient Vergina, the capital of the ancient Macedonian Empire, the Ancient Quarry in Sentoukia, Dion, Ancient Pydna, Paliambela Kolindrou and Platamonas Castle, to mention just a few.

Finally, the excursion to the Pierian Mountains should definitely include an extensive tasting of the local products and wines of the region, as well as of the distinct Macedonian cuisine that is favorably honored in Elatohori throughout the year. Nevertheless, there are some unique cultural and gastronomic events you wouldn’t want to miss, such as the Wine Month Festival of Elatochori (every weekend of February) and the "Mushroom Days" (mid-September to mid-October).

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